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Mark comment as offtopic?

edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I just got an idea: What if you could mark your own comment as offtopic. Some people like offtopic chatter, but others don't. If you could mark your comment as offtopic, others could choose to ignore it. It could either be colored, or you could have an option to hide them altogether, or both. It could perhaps be done with an extension, but would probably require a small change to the database anyway.


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    That's actually a really good idea.

    Admittedly, you'd have to rely on people marking something as offtopic but it could work so damn well if it's done.
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    Yeah, interesting idea. Not one i've come across before certainly. Course you could also have the option to mark it offtopic for yourself even if you didnt post it but i guess by that point you'd already wasted your time reading it anyway.
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    You could have a digg-like method, where if the post got enough marks it would be marked for everyone. But I don't think it's necessary. The moderators are able to edit it, and if they're a bit strict about it, most users would probably use it. Whispers work for this purpose too, but only for one-on-one chat.
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    How about:

    1. Regular users can mark their own posts offtopic
    2. Mods can mark all posts offtopic

    No amount of user moderation is ever going to make up for a lack of good centralized mods.
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    I must say though, if mods were to be able to mark comments off topic that should result in them just being adversely coloured, otherwise they may aswell just be hidden.
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    Oh sure, yeah. Different color, maybe an "offtopic" label.

    We could even extend the Text Mode Switch extension to let users switch offtopic posts.
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    ahh, thats an interesting idea. Perhaps it could be ajaxed up so if there was an offtopic post which had been hidden, the line between the 2 posts sandwiching it changed colour, and if clicked it came back. Or something.
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    Interesting idea, I would like to see it implemented. I probably wouldn't use this feature though.
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