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[Solved] [Documentation] [Tagging Enhanced] Fatal Error Upon Enabling

This discussion is related to the Tagging Enhanced addon.

I had previously disabled the older, original Tagging plugin as instructed then I downloaded, uploaded, installed and activated this one. Reloading my board homepage, which contains a couple of categories and a test posts, gave an error.

I read through the other question and followed your database advice. I disabled and removed this plugin, deleted the tagcategorycount table and removed the categoryID column in the tagdiscussion table. Re-downloaded and installed this plugin, but I still got an error.

So, I changed my config file to print out the error and got this:

Fatal Error in TagModule.GetData(); Erroneous CategoryID The error occurred on or near: /home/(notimportant)/public_html/(notimportant)/plugins/Tagging/class.tagmodule.php 76: //JP: Case 2) Getting tags for one specific category 77: case "Categories": //JP: Note: Case Sensitive! 78: if ($this->_CategoryID == "") { 79: throw new exception (T("Erroneous CategoryID")); 80: } 81: 82: $this->_TagModuleTitle = (T("All Tags in this Category"));

Any ideas what could be causing this and how I could fix it?



  • Have the same problem. This plugin is what I need for my project. But how to make it work?
  • edited February 2011
    Also got this thing.

    You can download fixed plugin

    I also changed name and all related code, so you no longer need to overwrite existing plugin.
    Remember top enable it, as enabling setting is now different from original tagger.
    On categories list it now output all tags. Seems reasonable.
  • tester13,thanks, but didn't help.
  • Check your plugin install.
    New plugin just can't reach old exception mentioned here.
    Remember that it is no longer called Tagging!
    So, remove completely Tagging, and install this one.
    I think that oou are just enabling old version :-)

  • {"Code":256,"Exception":"Table 'b47814_dfdev.GDN_discussion' doesn't exist|Gdn_Database|Query|select CategoryID\nfrom GDN_discussion discussion\nwhere DiscussionID = :DiscussionID"}

    I think that problem is in the letter case of GDN.discussion instead of GDN.Discussion
  • I think that it is your specific problem.
    Go to phpMyAdmin and delete tagging table.
    Check again later.
  • tester13, when did you make this fix? Was it the newer version of sprockett's plugin available today?
  • I stand corrected. I see Bonk AFTER selecting tag on home page (in caterories/all setup).
    So, we need to change some other code that work here.
  • tester13, when did you make this fix? Was it the newer version of sprockett's plugin available today?
    Today, I am using current version.

  • Now when I enable taggingenh there is now Bonk page, but when I'm creating discussion with a tag, I got a popup saying:
    {"Code":256,"Exception":"Table 'b47814_dfdev.GDN_discussion' doesn't exist|Gdn_Database|Query|select CategoryID\nfrom GDN_discussion discussion\nwhere DiscussionID = :DiscussionID"}
  • Please, describe that you are doing step by step.
  • Step 1: Creating the theme. —
    Step 2: Pushing the button. —
  • I installed original Table Enchanced plugin and got absolutely same error.
  • Fixing thing on front works fine, but all else clearly not.
  • damn.. i'm starting to hate this plugin =)
  • Thanks for the help anyway =)
  • We need to make it working.

    Problem is not good code quality and no necessary comments.

    I'll try to compare it to original plugin.
  • I fixed this thing, at least it is now functioning propertly.
    Problem was in wrong table name using all low case letters.
    Plus reenabled javascripts for autocompletion (look in code for comments to disable them again, if you want).

    Get it here
  • I spent a huge amt. of time trying to get this plugin to work. I hope this helps someone: I worked with both the orig. Tagging plugin and the revision posted by @tester13 above. I had no trouble installing on a fresh install of on localhost (xampp) but simply could not get beyond the bonk on my live server.

    I finally drilled down on every database detail between the two installs and found that my auto_increment value in my gdn_tag table was different. I updated to a value of 4 as in my fresh install. Success finally achieved.

  • Thanks @plymplan I'll see if I can add it to the VanillaWiki documentation site somewhere :-)

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