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Deploying multiple vanilla forums

edited January 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi guys,

I got a project where I need to deploy multiple forums, on one platform.

I was wondering if it was possible to keep 1 codebase, with multiple databases, and themes for each forums,

And if you guys could give me a couple of pointers to achieve this,



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    I came here to ask the very same question. Would be interested in the answer to this also. Thanks.
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Depending on your OS, you can use symlinks to create multiple references to a single codebase.

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    codegruntcodegrunt New
    edited January 2011
    @posabsolute @CodeWarrior

    If there is something set in the environment variables that you can key on to denote which site you are currently using (a sanitized version of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] perhaps) you can probably change bootstrap.php so that custom paths are used for "PATH_CONF", "PATH_CACHE" and "PATH_THEMES". You would also need to make sure that each site's config.php and constants.php reflect the site specific settings.

    One gotcha however is that upgrading would be a pain in that you would have to run the process for each site individually (since they have a unique database) and you would have to look at the actual upgrade scripts to see if anything needs to be adjusted to account for the unique paths. I think you would be OK as far as the web user permissions go since only the localized directories / files need to be accessed by the PHP instance.

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    edited January 2011
    I tried changing the paths with only partial success - some CSS and JS files located in application were wrongly referenced.

    I don't see upgrading as a gotcha, in fact that's one of the main reasons to share a central codebase among forums - you only need to update the files in one place.

    I'm actually surprised this isn't more straight forward since I thought that was the whole point of building a framework around vanilla and making it modular!
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    Has anyone has implemented a multi forum, possibly multi tenant solution? Can you fill me in please?


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    @x00, thank you. For others, it's a link to a discussion which suggests how multiple forums can be hosted via symlinking.

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