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[SOLVED] Importing From BuddyPress to Vanilla via the Porter Plugin

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
Hi people.

I'm looking for a little help regarding importing my forum from BP into Vanilla using @todd's porter plugin.

I had assumed it would be fairly straight forward but it has not been.

I realize that technically the Porter works with bbPress not BuddyPress but imo its should be essay enough to get it to work for both.

Here is the error message I am getting when I try

Missing required database tables: users

It look to me like the problem is that BP uses two table prefixes and stead of one. In my case they are wp_bb_ and .

The Vanilla Porter unfortunately only allows for one table prefix to be entered.

If I enter wp_bb I get this error - Missing required database tables: users and if I use wp_ I get - Missing required database tables: forums, posts, topics, meta.

So I'm thinking if I could get both prefixes into the porter it would work.

Am I right on this?

If so what needs to be done to get that one extra table prefix recognized by the porter?

I'll be honest I am at just about at the limit of my ability in terms of solving this on my own.

Is there any chance one of you with the ability could whip up a hacked modified version of the the Porter tool?

Alternatively if this is already been done can someone please tell where I can get a copy? I have searched all over the interwebs for a solution but without any luck. Also, if there is an other solution please do let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help people can offer me.


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