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Windows OS X.. I mean Vista...

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Sure they look different from each other, but similarities go deeper than the skin. Reading an interesting article that compares the Windows XP and Vista together, you can clearly see that many aspects have copies straight from OS X. One of the biggest similarities is the Library & Search functions, it's just like fileview in Max OS X presenting all the content from your computer on one view, arranged by various variables like type, date and so on. Now I don't think that is a bad thing, it's a logical step, had to be taken, but I wouldn't be suprised to find a spotlight going through my files if you catch my drift. Next is the IE7. I wouldn't say that they have copied that much from Apple per se, more like they are going to the direction shown by Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape and all that. And taking in consideration that you can find the Windows Calendar, Mail and Movie maker (outlook and movie maker have been in current and earlier windows releases too) in Vista, you might want to ask, if this is the brief of Vista, how much more can you find when you actually dip your hands to the actual released product. Well.. it's a good thing that MS is following the footsteps of those who actually CAN make a good and userfriendly OS. When the finished product arrives, we have more to gander.


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    One of the biggest similarities is the Library & Search functions, it's just like fileview in Max OS X presenting all the content from your computer on one view, arranged by various variables like type, date and so on. Now I don't think that is a bad thing, it's a logical step, had to be taken, but I wouldn't be suprised to find a spotlight going through my files if you catch my drift.
    I've heard this complaint more than a few times in the past week (usually whenever anyone sees a screenshot of the Vista start menu with built in search field). It seems especially silly considering that Apple made it pretty darn clear, both in the 2004 WWDC keynote and in their promotional materials, exactly where they got the idea for pervasive desktop search: early longhorn demos.

    Apple borrows UI ideas from Microsoft, Microsoft borrows UI ideas from Apple, and the winners are the users, who care far more about the quality of an idea than who thought of it first.

    In general, the most disturbing thing about the latest Vista beta is just how unpolished everything looks. I understand that this is a beta, not the final version etc., but if they're shooting for a Q4 launch, they really only have 6-9 months left before Vista goes gold. I'm optimistic, but somebody's got a lot of work ahead of them.

    Granted, OS X looked like utter ass for several years and now looks great, so maybe I should cut them some slack.
  • I'm just looking forward to someone finding a way to safely dual boot OSX and Windows :D
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    1. Buy an iMac or MacBook 2. Join MSDN 3. Install Vista beta
  • I didn't say anything about the search field in the start menu, I just pointed out how similar the "Library" feature is when comparing to Apples take on that, AND I don't want to blame MS for copying that feature from Apple since the Library feature was first introduced in Warp and even before that it was in BSD as an additional tool for managing server content. I agree that more than watching who invented what first, the point is, who reaps the benefit from it, and that is the end user. But what I AM saying is that while Apple and MS has their neat friendship game going on these days, they are both at the same time screwing smaller companies in the ass. MS brohibits the use of windows in other systems, Apple is like a blood hound suing everyone trying to use (sometimes not ever close to similar) UI like theirs. Fuck them both :)
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    Hey, man, I really don't care.

    I look forward to about 9-12 months from now when I will buy a Mac mini and install Vista on it. My that will be bliss.
  • They also copied the file-path thingy at the top of the explorer from NeXT. It only made it into the search in Finder unfortunately. But I bet we'll see its return in the new Finder in Leopard.
  • Alot in Mac OS X is copied from the NeXT, basically, Mac OS X IS NeXT.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    The only thing unimpressive about apple (in my opinion) is their website.

    Yesterday I tried looking at their site in Firefox 1.5 and it crashed my browser. So, I resorted to IE and it crashed IE, too.

    It had to do with some quicktime exception. I was pretty surprised that they'd screw up so bad.
  • Blame Intel
  • Kosmo: I was talking about Windows Vista. To rephrase:
    "They also copied the file-path thingy at the top of Explorer in Windows Vista from NeXT."

    The reason for the Finder comment is that Finder is a Mac OS 9 ported app, the filebrowser for NeXT was different. It had a bar at the top showing the path back to the root, and they were all clickable icons. Just like the file path displayed when selecting an item in the search result list in Finder. They should have included it in every window, as it's really useful. And now if they do, people will think Apple copied MS. There's the Path button and the Proxy Icon, but it's not as efficient, especially since you can't drag to it. With it, dragging a file to the parent folder wouldn't be such a pain in the ass (go up, open folder in new window, drag).
  • Skyfex: Neat, but I was commenting on the fact that when Apple bought Jobs' NeXT they pretty much took the NeXTSTEP OS and ran with it to create the Mac OS X (hence the Intel compatibility btw). Mark: It must be isolated problem, since this week, I have visited Apple sites with IE 5.5/6, Firefox 1.0.7/1.5 Opera 8, Conqueror (which ever version is the newest) and I haven't had a single problem with any of them. But compared to any other company site as large as Apple. I would say that they are 90% marketting and 10% actual fact, in which to say, they present way too many opinions as facts, and that really grinds my gears.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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    Go to this page:

    Scroll down about half way to where it says:

    Road show
    The first notebook to deliver the Front Row media experience, MacBook Pro makes it easy (and rather spectacular) to showcase your latest...

    Beside that text is a picture of a macbook pro. Click on that.

    It will display a wacky quicktime movie that *should* show you some of the inner workings of the software. I was able to see the itunes video .. kind of... it was clunky and wierd. When I clicked to review the "Photos" presentation, my browsers crashed flat-out.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    lol, I had QT7 crash that as well when flipping between the video and a static page, mark. Not quite sure what was the cause, but I'm willing to bet it's QT as the root problem.
  • Well, QT giving you problems isn't exactly a new thing, it hasn't worked correctly ever, always it has been slow, and had annoying bugs. But still, that site works perfectly on my Winnie machine and FF.
  • I've gradually warmed to the Quicktime Player plugin over the past few years. Mostly, though, that's been more WMP and Realplayer's fault than QT's credit.
  • QT is the nicest player to play mp3s on a web site, it's no fuss and small, but sometimes it plays few seaconds then it goes silent for couple of seaconds and then it starts to play the song again. Really annoying bug, but I manage to get by.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    up until qt 6, it ran fine in browsers. Since they did what appears to be a total overhaul on the UI in 7 and added an assload of stupid features, it's defeinatly the source of the problems. At least, that's partly to blame from what I can tell.
  • [url=]Vista in Safari[/url] Vista's IE7 is supposedly closely standards compliant, to the level of Firefox. Yet, I find something not so right about this when Safari (maybe the most standards compliant browser?) has this problem displaying Vista's website. Yeah microsoft, that's the way to fight Apple. Correct me if you dont' have a problem viewing this in your Safari browser.
  • Lech, the problems with QT in Winnie platforms has been as long as the whole line of QT products has been available to general public. Transition from 6 to 7 hasn't done any significant changes to me.
  • jtyler: that whole page was done in flash.
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