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CategoryModel Error During Install

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi guys:

I am getting the CategoryModel Not Found in ../applications/vanilla/settings/structure.php on line 60 Error during my install of

I am aware there is another thread here,

but I wanted to ask another question so thought I might get a better response if I started a different thread.

The other users simply commented out the offending line in the install to get it to work. I would prefer to figure out a solution that lets the code run as is. One of the answers was that perhaps the paths were set incorrectly in the cache/*.ini files, although there was no follow up it.

Grepping through the code, it seems that the CategoryModel class does exist.
applications/vanilla/models/class.categorymodel.php:class CategoryModel extends
So I am guessing that it is perhaps a path problem.

The only thing is that I am not a php expert and do not know where to add the path so that it can find the class.

Here is the current setting of my cache/*ini files, can someone tell me where I should add the path?

dashboard/controllers/class__setupcontroller__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/applications/dashboard/controllers/class.setupco
[root@301653-web2 vanilla]# more cache/library_map.ini
dashboard/modules/class__headmodule__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/applications/dashboard/modules/class.headmodule.php"
class__configurationmodel__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/library/core/class.configurationmodel.php"
class__phpmailer__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/library/vendors/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"
dashboard/models/class__activitymodel__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/applications/dashboard/models/class.activitymodel.php"
class__passwordhash__php = "/var/www/vhosts/(notimportant)/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/vanilla/library/core/class.passwordhash.php"

Also, last thing, not sure if this is a related symptom, but when the install made me enter my DB settings twice, with no reason why. The first time, the install page appeared, i entered the db settings, admin name, etc, hit submit, the page just refreshed and made me enter all the settings again. A query of the database in between the first entry and the second entry showed that indeed a bunch of tables had already been created. This happened during all of my attempted installs. I dropped the database each time.
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