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[EMailSubscribe Addon] User receives email when you EDIT an existing discussion

This discussion is related to the EMailSubscribe addon.
oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010Switzerland ✭✭
edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
@cdavid I found this to be a major issue with the EMailSubscribe-Plugin: when you edit an existing discussion of a category users have subscribed to, they will receive an email just as if the discussion was newly added.

This is very confusing and should be fixed.


  • I noticed this also but was not sure what should actually be done. If the edit was important enough the email with the edit should be sent, or if it was just an unimportant correction then maybe it should not. What I have ended up doing was removing the outgoing stmp server (yes you will get an error) from the mail settings when editing something I didn't want to get resent to eliminate the flood of emails. If it was an edit of important info I just let the edited one be resent. Not an elegant solution but not sure how it should be handled.
  • So...
    1) Sorry for the late reply, I did not receive any notification from the forum (???), so I just found this out now.
    2) Hmm... I think I can come up with a distinction - something like: "User has started a new discussion" and "User has edited your bookmarked discussion". Is that better? I see this might become confusing, but I am not sure how to solve it...

  • In case notifications work: @oliverraduner :) Otherwise, I hope you see this.
  • oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010 Switzerland ✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback @cdavid - notifications do work for me ;-)

    Well, personally I don't feel the need to send an update whenever a Discussion is edited ( @dan+devine ). when you correct only typos, this is really to much information sent by mail...

    I could live with an optional checkbox that says "Notify subscribers about discussion update"... but generally I could even live without that. Probably you could hook something into the general option menu like "Notify on discussion changes" - so this is handled generally for ones forum and you can set it to whatever needs you have.
  • Yes, they started working for me too now -- don't know what happened.

    The general thing seems an easy thing to do ... I might actually implement them both, will try to do this tomorrow, but I can't promise anything. Seems like a nice feature :)

  • I think either way is fine. Not be a coder I don't know if it would be possible but it would be nice to have something that would let the person editing the post decide if the edited material of a post is important enough to warrant another email notification. I agree with oliverraduner that editing a few spelling errors or such does not warrant flooding everyone with another email, but there are times when something important is added to a post that warrants another notification being sent I would like to see either solution to the problem.
  • Hey, guys. Sorry, got distracted last week with lots of work and more work is coming until Thursday. Hopefully, I will have something done by the end of the week.

  • Thanks /cd

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  • cd,

    Got your most recent version up and running - thanks so much for tackling that issue with getting emails from categories you didn't have permission for - works great now!

    One thing - I *think* it's related to this topic - once a discussion has already been started, then a new user is added, and checks "subscribe to ___ discussion" - they aren't notified of posts by email. It only seems to work for discussions started AFTER you check that box. Is that correct, or should users be able to get email notification of every discussion in that category once that box is checked? Perhaps there's a setting I'm missing...?
  • Hi /cd

    Just was checking to see if you had any time to update the "edit email" problem or the problem by johngoodell above? I know you are busy and I have been killing the smtp server on my forum so any new edited emails don't get sent out again. That is taking care and edits I do now.

    Thanks !
  • Sorry, didn't have time. I had to do some research on other topics and this has just drifted away from my task list for some time now.

    Bumps are always welcome, btw ... since I get emails and reminds me about what I have to do.

  • Hello, First thanks for this development, is very usefull!

    I'm not programmer, but I struggle a bit to understand how this plugin works, I've Seen that is Intimately linked to the "bookmark" (yelow star) function of vanilla2 core. I encountered the following shortcomings, which I believe is caused by the same things that said johngoodell .

    When you mark Subscribe to a category, a bookmark is added automatically to all new discussions that are created within this category, email notifications arrive to start new discussion and new posts into this discusion are notified, so far so good.....but if you unmark the "bookmark star" then the selected categories in the plugin dont have preference and notifications not work nevermore in this post, and never more automatic bookmarks are added by the plugin to this old discusion, only new discussion are notifies by the emailsubscribe plugin.

    To resume (sorry my english is bad and i dont know if i explain well the problem), the desire is: when you mark "Subscribe to all discussions" the plugin will be able to bookmark all discussions, if a individual post are unbookmarked by click in the yelow star, the plugin will be able to have prevalence over the yelow star, or in any case if the "subscribe to..." form are unmarked and marked again the bookmark will be added also to the previously manually un-bookmaked posts.

  • Hey CD,
    Brilliant work btw, and thanks much. Looking forward to your fix.. it'll really make a marked difference.

    -- A.
  • cd,
    Just wanted to follow-up with you about the small bug with folks who are already part of a category not getting email updates if they check that option. I know you are busy - just wanted to "ping" this again as you suggested as a reminder :)

    Thanks for your excellent work on this plugin!
  • cd,

    Hello again - any luck with this small bug with folks not getting email notices for conversations that have already begun?

  • @johngoodell This is a separate issue, and should be raised on a separate discussion for visibility. This discussion is about people getting too many emails - an email saying the conversation has been started, each time it is edited (which is what brought me here).

    I think this is important to fix, because even I quite often find it takes a few edits to get the formatting right on an announcement, and we really don't want lots of emails going out for each edit.
  • Oki, guys!

    Sorry I've been away with work, health issues and so ... I am also back to work on my real-life project, meaning I also have to fix bugs there and here. I think I'll have some time after Thursday, but these bugs definitely need to be fixed.

  • Hey, guys!

    New release online: 0.2.1 that fixes this bug :) Tell me if you have problems.

  • Hi /cd,

    Can you tell me more about the fix in 0.2.1? Does it now only send the email notification once with the first post and just not send any more when the post is edited?

    Thanks for you work on this.

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