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Toggle to Keep Date Order?

This discussion is related to the NillaBlog addon.
edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I noticed that once someone comments on a post, it bubbles to the top like in a forum. Is there a way to keep them in chronological order?


  • ddumontddumont ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    If you Sink them when you post them (the blog post, that is), they won't bubble up. I am pondering how to do that automatically when you post new topics in that category.

    Submissions to that end are welcome in the open source project.
  • I think you must look at SQL query inside.
    Most probably results are sorted by modification date.
    Either by DateUpdated or DateLastComment field and you need soring by DateInserted.
  • @tester13 umm, I don't think I want to change the data in the sql databases.

    The 'Sink Discussion' feature does what I need, I just need to auto sink them when the initial post is made.
  • Sink Discussion just set Sink field for this discussion to 1.
    And this results is not updating DataUpdated field, as I understand code.
    And this is why it is not right approach to your problem.
  • Well that may be, but the net effect of sinking a discussion is that it will not cause new comments to bubble up the discussion in the discussion lists when new comments are made. Isn't that what is being asked for?
  • What you mean?
    Read me previous post about how Sink works.
    Yes, it'll make that he want, but it is wrong approach, as if he suddenly become interested in proper sorting according to DataUpdated he couldn't do this.
  • Yes I understand what you mean. It essentially comes down to a destruction of data (DataUpdated) that we would no longer be tracking.

    I really don't see anything else that relies on that field though. I've done some tests and notifications, new tags, etc... all work even when a discussion is sunk.

    It would be preferable, I think, for the vanilla forum to sort on date created if sink is set, and not change the DataUpdated based on the sink attribute. This should avoid the loss of data and allow a more abstract use of the sink feature. @Tim @Todd @Mark Can any of you comment on the approach? I'd be happy to take a look at the vanilla source and provide a patch if you agree with the reasoning here.
  • i think this would be a great addition too - keeping the post order for discussions in the blog category vs. bringing newly commented ones to the top.

    not that its the right solution, but I was trying to get the discussions to maintain a sort by post date and was able to get something working in the SQL query by ordering with DateInserted in descending order. alas, the rest of my hacking around didn't result in anything of value.
  • My latest changes will keep post order for the category list that you marked as a blog.

    You do need some changes that are still in the vanilla unstable branch right now though. Otherwise, you need to sink the blog post as soon as you make it.
  • Since the blog will be listed in post order, it would also be nice if the "started" date was listed either instead of or in addition to the last update.

    btw, the blog style in the current unstable branch looks great!
  • ddumontddumont ✭✭
    edited March 2011
    @ojjuan Thanks! :D glad you like it.

    Re: date on post; I agree. That might require some more changes to core vanilla (I hope not) but we'll see.
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