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Use some tables from wordpress

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I have a website with wordpress and like to "integrate" vanilla as a forum. The only thing I want is to use wp_users ' display_name' as the Nick in vanilla, wp_users ' user_pass' as the password and wp_user 'email' as the...yes ;-) as the email in vanilla. Nothing more (yet). The admin (me) creates the users via wordpress, they should be able to change their pass in wordpress or vanilla - that doesn't matter. Now I can't figure out where to change the specific tables - and would love to get some advices! Thanks!


  • This is very tricky in 0.9.2. In 0.9.3 (v1) it'l become a lot easier due to the integration of People. Grab yourself a copy off the svn and you'll notice that everything to do with user management is no longer part of the vanilla core which makes stuff like what you want to do easier. I stil dont think it'l be a walk in the park but i guess it depends how good your php knowledge is. There might be a different way to do what youre asking since it's relatively simple but i'd guess playing with People would be a good first step.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I've been thinking about writing an extension for this. Basically, the extension would serve 2 purposes: 1. When a user updates their account info in vanilla, it would copy that info over ontop of any wordpress' (or some other application's) user table. 2. When the other application is used to update account information, it could also call the extension, which would copy *that* info overtop of the vanilla information.
  • That would be awsome! I think I'm going to wait for your extension, because if I'm doing it on my own, I'll have to do it with every new update I suppose... Do you have any timeframe for this?
  • It would be a lot more efficient to mod one software or the other to use the same db format for anything shared.
  • A Wordpress plugin that tweaked user mangement to suit Vanilla you mean?
  • In a sense. I was just pointing out that instead of using two seperate tables (in any integration situation) for things like users and other shared info, it'd be more resource-savvy to share a single one.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yes it would, but you can never count on another application to integrate well that way.
  • With a lot of modding you could.
  • how about a webservice to create/edit users in vanilla?

    Then all we would need is a plugin for wordpress or whatever system that you would want to integrate to call the webservice functions when a user is created or edited in that system.

    This way no tweaking would be necessary on either part.

    It's just a sugestion and I hope I made some sense, I'm very sick and my brain feels like jello :/
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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    Yep - a web service would be a great extension.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    With a lot of modding you could.

    That's exactly what I don't want. I want everything with vanilla to be quick and easy - even if it's not the most "efficient" solution.
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    Unfortunatly I just know the concepts of webservices, I've never worked with one although I will have to start working with it soon.

    This meaning that I wouldn't be much help in that area.
    I'm still strugglin with myself to turn from the dark side and start codding using strictly OOP (or at least as much as possible).

    Also webservices would enable more plugins to be built for vanilla.

    ex: a plugin for firefox to add comments to a selected topic.
  • in WP2 there has been a huge advance in how the wp_user table is used. in previous version of WP the function wp_getuserinfo() would only return certain feilds from within the wp_users table. But now in WP2 it returns all values withing the table allowing for much simpler additonal user data to be added. It "Should" be quite simple to merge wp_users and lum_user tables and with a little extension for Vanila make it use the wp_users feilds for username and password instead of the lum_user feilds. Im having a quick look at how simple it maybe to cross them both over at the moment :S
  • On another note also, WP2 also use "Roles" now if we could merge or match Vanilla Roles with WP2 roles then....mmmmmm :D
  • Not exactly what you were looking for, but while we're on the topic I've currently got Wordpress running off People, using this custom WP extension I wrote.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Then what will happen to Swell™ ? :D
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