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Community Blog idea, solutions?

edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
I apologize ahead for I'm not really a codder, just a hobbyst.

I'm trying to use NillaBlog addon to make some form of community blog, where all posts would have a 'publish' button in them that would allow (properly ranked) users to copy the comments into the blog section NillaBlog is setup in. (Except their own posts.)

My forum has weekly news threads feed by users that would benefit from archiving them into a blog format.

Would any of you have an idea for a simple solution to do this?

I tried several ways but my lack of codding skills blocked most:

- Tested several sharing addons, none actually copies the content of the comment, just the link. If had found one that copies, I would be able to set up a RSS feed from another website/email box into the blog section with Feed Discussion addon.

- Modding the quote addon to quote into the blog section, beyond my capacity.

- Tested if report systems sent the report with a copy of the post to an email. They don't. lol

For now, I have set up "Editor" ranked users that can post on the blog section and edit comments to copy the content manually.

Again, I apologize for I know any of you wouldn't bother asking such a silly question that would be able to be solved quickly by anyone with decent codding skills.

But if anyone knows a smart cheap way to get around this, I would be very thankful.


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