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Login and Use outside of Vanilla.

okay, I've seen a few threads on this but nothing that clears this up for. I am slowly getting my way through the php files of vanilla, but to be honest alot of it goes over my head. I am a failry capable with php/mysql, but vanilla is a bit ahead of my grasps. what I'm trying to do is have it so the login will work out side of the vanilla dir so that users can leave comments on things that are outside of vanilla but still require the authentication. I'm I heading into a brickwall with this? or is it just staring me in the face?


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    edited January 2006
    have you been looking at 0.9.2 or 0.9.3? I'd suggest you grab yourself a copy of 0.9.3 off the svn and check out the library/People files. Unfortunately that's about as far as i can help you but it might make a bit more sense.
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    Using Vanilla users outside of Vanilla seems to become a hot topic, which is awesome, cause I'll need it for my site too! I'm glad that People is supposed to integrate nicely with use outside of Vanilla! (I basically want comments on news items with Vanilla users too) if someone *cough*mark*cough* or someone else equally smart (does a person like this exist?!?!) could shed some light on this, that would be awesome!
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    I aint got svn- and i want a copy of 0.9.3- anyone want to email me a copy? matt [at] fivetofour [dot] com
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    for the sake of a minutes work you may aswell just grab yourself tortoise svn. Stuff is changing all the time. You dont wanna develop something on revsion xxx then realise something you used has changed.
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    i am looking for information on this also. i have downloaded version 1 and it was easy enough to install and change the theme to match a site, but i am not very OO savvy. i would like to be able to use login to also have other areas of a site require you are logged in, and have login form on other pages. but this forum is so involved that i can not clearly see how the cookie/session stuff is working. i set my cookie for full domain and root path in setup page, but can't track down all necessary to add the login function to my other (non-OO) php coded pages. looking at this code makes me want to learn this "design patterns" stuff also.
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