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Trying to hide certain div's when embedded, having trouble can anyone help?

I'm not a coder at all and so if I've gone about this completely wrong I would really appreciate a push in the right direction.

So basically I'm going to have my Q&A forum presented in full on my domain but also I'm going to embed it on a facebook page and when embedded I want only the "content" div shown (and centered). This is what I've cobbled together (which I cannot get to work):

I made a plugin to inject javascript in the header and run in on body onload:
// Define the plugin:
$PluginInfo['fbembed'] = array(
'Description' => 'My custom/hacked javascript to render view for fb embed.',
'Version' => '1.0',
'Author' => "James McIntyre",
'AuthorEmail' => '',
'AuthorUrl' => ''


$Context->BodyAttributes = 'onload="javascript:iframed()"';


When I try to enable the plugin I get this error msg:
"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONCAT_EQUAL in /answers/plugins/fbembed/default.php on line 13"

This is the javascript file I'm pointing to:

//below is code i grabbed for toggle-hiding div
function toggleLayer( whichLayer )
var elem, vis;
if( document.getElementById ) // this is the way the standards work
elem = document.getElementById( whichLayer );
else if( document.all ) // this is the way old msie versions work
elem = document.all[whichLayer];
else if( document.layers ) // this is the way nn4 works
elem = document.layers[whichLayer];
vis =;
// if the style.display value is blank we try to figure it out here
vis.display = (elem.offsetWidth!=0&&elem.offsetHeight!=0)?'block':'none';
vis.display = (vis.display==''||vis.display=='block')?'none':'block';

//if in iframe run toggle layer (hide divs)
function iframed()
if (top !== self)
//this should modify css to center the "content" div
document.getElementById('content').style.float = 'none';
document.getElementById('content').style.margin-left = 'auto';
document.getElementById('content').style.margin-right = 'auto';
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