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Hello! :) I really hope for your help, please read first: I have setup a website,, with the aim to sell tags so that I can afford a new computer (a brand-new iMac). I really need a new one and I found this to be a good try. I know there are already masses of those websites around but all I want is a small piece of the cake ;) However my English is not perfect, Iam constantly improving but it's still hard for my to write longer text. This is where you come into play ;) I need someone who can look over the text at and correct my mistakes. The website just went live so it might be that you can't access it today or even tomorrow. If that's the case you have to use the alternative url: This is not meant to be an advertising post and although I need an publicity I can get at this very moment this thread is meant to get some help with the translation only. :) If you want to buy a tag feel free to do so but at the moment it is more important for me to get the text into proper english ;) As, like said before, this is not meant to be an advertising for my new site I would like to know some places where I CAN advertise :) And regarding all those comments who call me stupid or something (and Iam quite sure those will come): Have mercy with me, this is my only hope to get a new computer within this year! :(


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    I wish you the best of luck.

    Just to let you know
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    Good luck to you! Doesn't quite have the same ring as though
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    Thank you! It can't get any better than ;-)
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    "The contributors donated: 30 USD out of 1,538.63 USD which means there is 1,408.63 USD left." huh?
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    One time I designed a "site concept" for a charitable site, it was more like an adcampaign than a charity organization. But I did out of curiosity of how you could turn one iterned fad in to a win/win situation. So my design included few fickle things that would need alot of time to handle, but the basic idea was that, first we try to get Apple to sponsor the site, then we make it in to one of those sites where you register in and tell few friends to make a donation or something so you get iPod. But the main difference would be that it is some sort of community of people who "join" by donating money to the site, and they move up in a list based how much money they donate, so that the site doesn't actually give you free iMacs but you need to put some money down. Apple as a sponsor would have to maybe sell the iMacs to the site tad cheaper than what they do on retail, so that it would go through the people faster. So one part of the money would come from the donations, one part would come from advertising and the rest would be "donated" by Apple. Very cheap advertising, and one internet fad that would be remembered forever. But I don't think this kind of site would work so well, since there are alot of dangers that people would want to avoid and would choose not to enter (well atleast those who are not gullible enough). But if you could see Apple's logo in there it would give you confidense in it, but if the site flopped, it would be bad publicity to Apple.
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