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How to change order of side panel objects?

ntuyelikntuyelik New
edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Is there any way to change order of side panel objects?


  • lucluc ✭✭
    In the configuration, change those to whatever you need.
    $Configuration['Modules']['Garden']['Panel'] = array('UserPhotoModule', 'UserInfoModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');
    $Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Panel'] = array('NewDiscussionModule', 'SignedInModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');
    $Configuration['Modules']['Conversations']['Panel'] = array('NewConversationModule', 'SignedInModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');
  • ntuyelikntuyelik New
    edited March 2011
    Thank you @luc...
    Where can I find a full list of all modules?
    For example I would like to put Whos Online box on top etc...
  • AnonymooseAnonymoose ✭✭
    edited January 2013

    Here's how to get the Ask a Question to go in the right order after the Start a New Discussion button.

    $Configuration['Plugins']['QnA']['UseBigButtons'] = TRUE;

    $Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Panel'] = array('NewDiscussionModule', 'NewQuestionModule', 'SignedInModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');

  • AnonymooseAnonymoose ✭✭
    edited January 2013

    @ntuyelik said:
    For example I would like to put Whos Online box on top etc...

    Put 'WhosOnlineModule', at the start of your Modules array.

    Like this:

    $Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Panel'] = array('WhosOnlineModule', 'NewDiscussionModule', 'NewQuestionModule', 'SignedInModule', 'GuestModule', 'Ads');

  • Jumping in on an old thread, but wondering how to configure the side panel DiscussionFilter to show only the "My Discussions" count and no other links?

    The default Panel array is (from config-default.php)
    $Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Panel'] = array('MeModule', 'UserBoxModule', 'GuestModule', 'NewDiscussionModule', 'DiscussionFilterModule', 'SignedInModule', 'Ads');

    I'm not sure how that correlates to the side panel box, which currently shows links for:
    Latest Discussions
    My Discussions

    But no matter what changes I make to that array, the side panel box doesn't change what it's showing. I just want to show a link for "My Discussions" and not the others.

    I'm using Vanilla 2.3

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You should really begin new discussions instead of using old ones which in fact aren't really dealing with your exact problem.

    What you are speaking about is the DiscussionFilter. You can move it around, but changing its contents is a complete different topic.

    You could hide the other links with CSS. Look at the html source code, find out the class names of the entries you do not want to see, get the CSSEdit plugin and google what the css command display: none would do.

  • Ok got it. Thanks

  • Another option for this question which is very versatile is to create a file custom.js under the /js folder and use the insertBefore or insertAfter jQuery.

    `(function($) {
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {



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