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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

ProxyConnect / SSO integration issues - Looking to hire a dev

edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
Hello Vanilla community,

I've been working away at a problem with the ProxyConnect plugin for a little over a week now. I'm starting from a fresh install of the software and have gotten the plugin to work for first time sign-ins using a cookie set from my website. However, if the user logs out of the vanilla, then they can never re-enter because it asks for a password. I've attempted debugging the software but feel like I would need much more time to fully grasp what is happening with the code.

I am looking to the Vanilla community to see if there is anyone able and willing to be paid to help me with this issue. I have additional Vanilla work that would be available if this goes well.
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