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Bug - Clashes with "Definitions" javascript/hidden element content

This discussion is related to the Quote selection addon.
edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi @TiGR

We are using the vforg theme and recently added the following code to our .tpl

{asset name="Foot"}

This is breaking the quotes plugin. Without the above asset, however, #conversations do not start correctly. I wonder if you can take a look at this.


  • Can you provide a URL to real-life example?
  • Well... I don't really want to cripple my live forum's ability to quote for any length of time. I will see if I can get a shadow running for your perusal.
  • mrptamrpta
    edited May 2011
    The following is the content of the definitions div that our {asset} tag is rendering:
    I have XXXed out a couple of details in the above example.
  • mrptamrpta
    edited May 2011
    Hi @TiGR - finally got around to deploying a "sandbox" version of this.

    I've uploaded and installed vanilla, I've uploaded the vforg theme and I've added the {asset name="Foot"} to the default.master.tpl file.

    Have a look below and try to use the highlight to quote:
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