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[Facebook Connect] "uniqueID Required" Error - need help

I recently installed vanilla at - tonight, I tried to install the facebook sign-in app button. I created an app like it said to do and inserted the correct code but its only working like 50%... is there anyway to tell what the problem might be if you visit my site and click on it. It will tell your to choose a user name, then a password box appears briefly then disapears too quick to enter a password. The other thing I am curious about is that I have seen other sites with this feature and they will just let you sign in with your FB credentials and create a username... this one seems to want you to create an username AND password... is that another defect of my particular install?


  • (bump) I had to bump this because I really need help figuring this out. Also I need to know where I can download the facebook connect that comes with the original vanilla package. It seems like the problem may be that it just didnt install right.
  • I know you all must be thinking there are already so many conversations on here, why dont I look for one of those and use the solutions they have come up with... heres the problem... I Have! Still Not Working. Half of the threads have comments that seem to suggest that someone has linked to a solution, but when you get to that comment, it says "Edited:..." Like someone removed the solution?!?! I have tried the solutions that seemed to work for others for the same issues but it is not working for mine. Someone Please Help. I have checked, searched, tried, re installed, edited, etc. etc. etc. still getting the same "uniqueID Required" error.
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