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trouble updating english.php and seeing extensions

edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I"m running Vanilla 1)I"m having two problems. Whenever I update english.php I don't see any of the changes on the forum. I tried changing multiple areas without any luck. I even deleted one letter from the default and didn't see it change up on the site. I looked at the uploaded file on the server and it did have the changes, but I'm not seeing it displayed on the site. Here is the code for english.php below: $Context->Dictionary["GuestWelcomeTitle"] = "Welcome, Stranger"; $Context->Dictionary["GuestWelcomeBody"] = "<p>This is the mysite forum area. To go to the main site go to <a href=\"\"></a> Did you know that there is a whole world of functionality you're not seeing? If you have an account, <a href=\"signin.php\">sign in now</a>.</p> <p>If you don't have an account, <a href=\"apply.php\">apply for one now</a>.</p>"; 2)My 2nd problem is that whenever I load the extensions I'm not seeing them in my extension list when logged in as admin. I have created the php file uploaded on server and they are not showing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • That dictionary problem really is very wierd. Have you tried removing an entire definition and seeing if it has any effects? It should cause a script error really. With the extensions one, are the normal extensions showing? And if you delete them do they go away? If not then something is going really awol on your server...
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Have you flushed your cache between those language file updates?
  • Sorry I didn't get back soon enough. We just had a baby. Other weird things were happening so I reinstalled vanilla. Minisweeper: I did take out things and it seemed to have no affect. Lech: Are you talking about the browser cache? If so then yes, I did. I will play around now that I have reinstalled and see if I'm still having problems.
  • You just had a baby? Just like that? You really aught to watch out for these things man!
  • still having problems. I deleted the entire Welcome, Guest in english.php and it still shows up on the site.
  • Um. Wtf? Thats just wierd. Unless your host is cacheing but that would be insane.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    The only things that I can think of causing this issue are A) your language folder has been moved out of the default directories. B) Your folder/file permissions are set oddly where the application cannot see them. C) your config is in need of absolute paths if the relative paths are not pointing correctly. I'm gonna guess C, double check your config file and make sure everything checks out. relative paths should be working perfectly, seeing how everything else must be working aside from language.
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