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Premoderation revisited

edited April 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
I see that off and on people have raised the request for premoderation. Most of the threads are rather old. Also, the topic seems a bit controversial.

I'd like to suggest premoderation as a permission on roles (new posts hidden by default). This would allow great flexibility on how to leverage that capability.

It also would be great if their posts are visible to them (and moderators) but hidden from others until moderator unhides them.

Some use cases:

- create a new role for "new member" where they are premoderated for a period of time until a full member. (maybe after a certain # of posts)

- create a new role of "probation' with the premoderation bit set. If someone abuses rules, they can put in this role, receive a warning and restored when proven they are in compliance.


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