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Good design mags/books?

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I'm looking for some good web design (design theory) mags or books. Any suggestions?

I think imma subscribe to Layers.


  • I know of one online, and free:
  • I'm a big fan of ALA.
  • ALA used to be really good, but since the latest redesign it's been really flaky.
  • ALA just doesn't update like it used to. It's a shame. Reading the past articles is great though. They've got a great .htacess one.
  • Books (hard) Web Standards Solutions is nice... Websites (easier)
  • Oh and as well
  • mention "theory" as part of what you're looking for. If you're looking for design theory, and books that applies some of that to web design, I highly recommend Hillman Curtis's book, "MTIV: Making the Invisible Visible". In terms of technical teaching, the book sticks to very basic coding concepts, so don't get it for that. But, the first 2/3 of the book are all about design, and he has some great insights on what makes good web design. They're pretty universal design concepts with a "new media" slant. Excuse the long Amazon link: Another great book on design theory in general terms is "Information Design". There are some essays that touch on web design, but it's really about understanding how to present information in a general sense. I think it could help any web designer understand the greater concepts behind what they do for the user (viewer / human / whatever). Another long Amazon link: I could keep going, but this is a long post. Meh.
  • Yeah, I go to ALA and Sitepoint, and they're very good at what they do, but I'm really looking for print material. Thanks for those links JT, they look like interesting books.
  • I read graphis, it's pretty expensive, but it is THE definitive industry magazine that is just a must for a designer. I also read many others that I randomly purhase, like illustrator, layers and computer arts. Then there is also my own corner of game design and illustration that I constantly follow and buy books of, but I don't think anyone is interested in that :D
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    Well with my new winnings from the SitePoint contest, I think I'm gonna buy CSS Mastery, Agile Web Development with Rails, and Web Standards Solutions. How do those sound? I already own Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug and Bulletproof web design by Dan Cederholm
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    On my buy list is 'Emotional Design' and 'The Design of Everyday Things' both by Donald Norman, and 'Universal Principles of Design'.

    One magazine that I really enjoy is Communication Arts. Be prepared, it is more like a book than a magazine. It will give you a very diverse sample of design--Furniture, pottery, painting, industrial, print, video, advertising, etc.

    Congratulations on the winnings!
  • CSS Mastery is on my shopping list too, there are also Ruby Recipes and Ruby for Rails.
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