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Hi there, test etc - oh, and converting from punBB

blizeHblizeH ✭✭
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Hi there, apologies for what is pretty much nothing more than a spam thread, but I'm just a little interested in how this fantastic looking forum software works! Greatly impressed so far, and, shock horror, I can't notice a single feature that the board is lacking, or a single feature that seems useless! I'm almost certain I'll be switching to this lovely software as soon as I can find some appropiate hosting for what is a fairly low bandwidth forum. Also, I'd be converting from the (fairly great) punBB forum software, I've been informed of a punBB -> phpBB convertor, and then I could convert from phpBB -> Vanilla - has anyone used this route and would you recommend it? Thanks!


  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited August 2006
    The more I use this forum, the more I love it, and I mean genuinely love it.

    Not in a "this forum software is okay, possibly the best around" kinda way, but more of a "omg, this forum completely and utterly wipes the floor with anything I've used in the past" kinda way!
  • Haha. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. As for the conversion, i wrote the phpBB->Vanilla converter and I'm under the impression that a number of people have used it with success (and possibly a hiccup or two on the way). Before you do anything i'd suggest you take a backup of your punBB database. Then do the ->phpBB migration. Then if you have a go with my tool and wanna give me a shout when you get stuck you're more than welcome to.
  • Those hiccups were nothing. It works pretty much flawlessly now, to my knowledge that is.
  • Set it all up now, decided to start from scratch anyway since that's what everyone wanted, but thanks anyway, that convertor seems like a nice little extension :) for anyone who's interested! Two questions: 1) How do I get the blinking effect for when you reply to messages? 2) I could do with a working [quote] code, any idea of the best way? Thanks again ^_^
  • edited January 2006
    1) Blinking effect is an extension in 0.9.3. I cant remember if someone did it fr 0.9.2. Have a search and you might find it if you're lucky, otherwise you could hack the 0.9.3 extension or sit tight for the v1 release. 2)Quote codes are in discussion right over here: at the moment
  • Ah fantastic, installed it now, thanks! And I tried some code from that quoting thread with no luck, but I'll keep an eye on it, thanks again :) Oh one final thing - did I not notice a 'site stastics' extension on one forum?
  • As far as i know the only stats extension on it's way anywhere is and it doesnt seem to be near completion. If someone does have one you could suggest they release it to the community :)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Yellowfade was introduced by nifkin i believe else it was sirnot (or i'm totally wrong on both accounts there) but there was an extension previously available for 9.2.x and 9.1 if i remember correctly.
  • Ahh thanks guys, I'll keep an eye on that one mini and the quote one (added to favourite threads ;p) and lech, I'm using - with no luck :( I've added it to the js directly but I'm not sure what to do with it now...
  • As far as i know you'd have to have an extension.php file aswell? I dont think you could *just* add the JS. But i might be wrong. Normal practice is to have a JS file and an extension.php file in the extensions folder then enable the extension in your settings->manage extensions panel.
  • Ah I see, thank you, I'll sort the extension as soon as I get home :) My users are crying out for a quote option and the ability to see what users are online though, d'oh!
  • Who's online?
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited January 2006
    Absolutely lovely, thanks! I guess it's now just a case of waiting for a decent non-hack version of quote extension :)
  • Yeah. Well i seem to have managed to solve the rest of your requests so i can guess you can just sit tight on this one. We cant be perfect all the time huh? :)
  • Indeed, you're a bloody superstar, thanks :)
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