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config-defaults.php vs config.php

Hi guys,

I don't understand this:

I have just installed Vanilla and so far... I love it... really nice and friendly forum software, very much like Wordpress and Basecamp like, less is more :)

But I see that everywhere people speak about config.php but when you install Vanilla 2 (I have the most recent version) there is no config.php in the conf folder, there is a config-defaults.php in the root and a config-defaults.php file in the conf folder instead.

In the installation documentation it says:

"/conf/config.php (if this file doesn't exist, don't worry about it)"

Well I don't worry about it, I just don't understand how the most important configuration file in Vanilla 2 is not cleared or explained why it should or should not exist.

Should I rename config-defaults.php to config.php before proceding with installation?

Should I leave the config-defaults.php file as it is before proceding with installation?

In the config-defaults.php text it says:

// If you want to override the settings in this file then edit config.php.

I have installed Vanilla and I don't have any config.php

Where is config.php file suppose to be? should I create it by myself?

Could you please explain or document matter better? I find it this drives to missunderstanding...

Soo... Could please someone explain this? :)



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