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Language Edit Extension?

What's the chances of someone taking a stab at writing an extension that let's you edit your language file of choice through your settings panel? Maybe something that houses just the pertinent information, not all eight billion strings, but some of the stuff that a lot of new users will want to change and really have no idea how to edit. I'm sure there's going to be a lot more users that aren't quite as tech savvy as us early adopters, so telling them to edit a php page might scare them off right away.

Just a thought, don't even know if it's possible with 0.9.3, but I imagine it would be. I'd give it a shot but I'm not allowed to edit files ever since OO PHP got that restraining order on me for knocking up it's sister.


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Totally do-able in 0.9.3. It would actually be pretty easy since I've already written a configuration manager which does pretty much the same thing but with configuration options rather than language definitions. The one thing I must say is that the conf/English.php file is where your custom language definitions should be saved. Don't alter the languages/English.php file since it will be overwritten when upgrades are implemented.
  • Ah, cool. Glad to know it's doable. I might give it a shot but I get the feeling I'd do more harm than good.
  • Is conf/English.php new?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
  • Any news on this front?
  • - Copying the class Framework.Class.ConfigurationManager and the function like AddConfigurationSetting (Framework.Functions) but for adding a language definition;
    - Adding a page a PostBackControl in setting.php...

    Umm... Jazzman could do it in 10 minutes.
  • Haha... I bet I could... but atm it's too hot in my livingroom (where my computer is).. I die if I stay longer than 10 minutes... In fact.. I rushed in here to post a comment, and after this I rush back to the bedroom where it's more comfortable :P
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    /me is happy to be in scotland :-)
  • It's bloody hot here too (34°C/93°F), makes me glad I've got my computer in the basement, it's gotta be several degrees cooler down here.
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