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Advice on uploader

willwill New
edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I've fallen in love with Filebrowser. I'm a member of a fairly busy Yahoo Group about some geeky music software. The only reason the group uses Yahoo is the public availability of the 'files' section. I'd like to suggest we dump yahoo and use Filebrowser but obviously there's no uploader element. Has some one managed to hack up an uploader that they'd be willing to share? My php skills don't really exist so I'm sorta stuck on my own. I did search first and didn't really find anything that fit. Celeron Dude's thing is pretty neat but it's private by default and, well, Filebrowser just rules. ;) Any advice, pointers, links, love much appreciated. Thanks, Will


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    We seriously could make three sticky Filebrowser threads and lock the category to new discussions.
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    Dont I feel like an asshole. I'm sorry. I did search and read the other threads. Was just looking for some advice. clogging up other discussions seemed kinda wrong. Will
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    don't worry about clogging up other discussions as long as it's relative to the topic. Creating duplicate question threads clogs it up more than anything :)
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    At the risk of looking like a real twit... I can't find any other post in "File Browser" category about a file uploader?? Will, did you end up finding a good file uploader to work with File Browser? Why was Celeron Dude's Uploader 5 not suitable? Thanks
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    The main problem with an external uploader is that it won't automatically make thumbnails for your new files.
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    Sure, but it will provide a way to upload images for users who don't know how to use FTP. Then they just need to run thumbnailer.php on the files they've uploaded...
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    The uploader by Celerondude can be set to public. Its somewhere there in the settings. "Require login" or something like that. I run it on my site. Works well. Although I don't like the newer one, 6.1/6.2. The extra settings are nice but it jacks up the way you use folders. Version 5 is the one I use and like.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited April 2006
    I want to say that I'll make something, but Vanilla is #1 right now.

    *bites tongue*
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    edited July 2006
    I understand this thread is SUPER OLD now, but, now that Vanilla is out of the way Mark... Anyway, has anyone got any other uploaders they would recommend. I'm still looking for one to tie in with the Filebrowser, but there are no 'really' good ones out there that I can find.
  • Options this may work as is, or you may be able to extract the uploader part.
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