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Private Messages

hi, first of all congrats 2 the coder of this brilliant forum, a "simple" textbased pm messaging would be more than just great and helpful, it's an very important part to make a Forum or a community complete. this is a big big big must for such a sweet forum. maybe as extention? cheers fery


  • There's something similar to a PM system already in the extensions. It's not "exactly" like other BBS whereas you get a manager and get to compose new messages, browse inboxes, etc, but it does follow the unique qualities of the board. Extension is called "Whispers", what it does is allow you to "PM" a member and have a "Private" conversation inside a current discussion.
  • hi toushiro, the whisper function is a good way to communicate "inside" and "related" to an topic but it doesn't meet the requierements of a pm. the whisper-feature is allways topic related, but a pm is allways indepentend. is there maybe a way to reconfigure the whisper feature into a pure private messaging feature? and to re-add it as an extension? it needs only an in- and outbox.
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    You could just create a new category called "Private Messages" and use it as a large PM box... o.O would be the same thing. I do agree though, what you suggested would be easier and much better, but another thing you can do to have the same effect would be to have various "hidden" forums which you use for private messages, and just "give out" that "hidden" forum's URL (not sure if it works that way though) to people you want to PM you, and then they can go to your "Private" area and pm you that way. ^^ But yeah, other than that, hopefully someone does make a better extension later.
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    You can whisper an entire discussion to someone, and you can very easily filter to "my whispers" so you can see only your private discussions. It's pretty much the same thing as PMing, but not as separate from the discussions. Check out the "Whispered Discussions" and "Whispered Comments" links under "Discussion filters" over to the left.

    You've just got to think outside the box.
  • What mark said.
  • hmmm, quite confusing. i never saw something like this before, what are the advantages of this whisper feature? or in other words ,what is the idea behind this feature ?
  • What are the advantages of the PM feature? Vanilla is all about thinking outside the box and changing the way stuff happens. Like having discussions as the homepage instead of categories. I'd say the advantages of whispers in general are that you can use them mid-topic (which, as far as i'm aware, isnt possible with pm's - meaning you constantly have to reference something if you want to talk about it) But they do still allow the base PM theory by whispering an entire discussion to someone.

    What the precise idea behind it was i'm not entirely sure. As far as i know mark had the idea while chatting with friends in a bar (probably drunk). I'd guess the idea would be to improve the current PM feature in existing software by integrating it much more neatly and making it work nicely and without requiring you to leave the main body of the forum (the discussions) as i believe is necessary with other software.
  • okay, got it (i hope so) well then, all i miss now is the installer for 9.3' plus a quote feature and i can switch all my actual online projects form ibp/phpbb to vanilla and i can help to promote the board so good i can. thats all so far. thanks for the replies cheers fery
  • Well the installer will come with v1 which i suspect will be out in the not too distant future. Just depends on how the markup cleanup comes along.
    Quoting is something a lot of people are waiting for. I'm sure if you could write it everyone would be very happy :)
  • Is Bergamot holding his quote feature hostage?
  • (quote minisweepwer: I'm sure if you could write it everyone would be very happy) i'm a 3d motion and a graphic-designer and not a coder :)
  • well get the quotes to jump up and motion themselves onto everyones screens then!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I know someone wrote a quote extension.

    Extensions, Themes, and Styles will be all organized very well and easy to search/find/download/install when v1 comes out. I've been working on this while the xhtml cleanup is going on.
  • The quote extension is 99% done, pending the fixing of one bug (see the Quoting thread).

    Actually, it's been at about that level for weeks; I've just been really busy.
  • we have actually a ajax based instant-messenger and a ajax based inline-shoutbox in development , maybe we can port it into vanilla after you guys released the stable v1 version.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That sounds neato!
  • I agree!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    preview! preview!
  • (on top/left) you have to be quick now, because i'm moving to a another server
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    Doesnt seem to work for me? I'm tired and dumb though.
    I must say thats one of the nicest implementations of phpBB i've ever seen. Not that it takes much (since all the rest are ugly as sin). But nice anyway.
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