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VKontakte Connect

edited June 2011 in Feedback
Hello. I have written (in fact - rewritten a little Facebook Connect, that uses the same auth algorithm) plugin for authorization with This is the greatest russian social network, if anybody don't know.

If your are intrested i may share this addon. Also i think that OAuth 2.0 authorization may be moved to separate module, this will look nicer. Now i just copypasted Facebook Connect and changed it a little, it isn't so nice, but i have need to bring it up and working as fast, as i can. I'm freelancer, and this plugin have done for my client.

But now, then i have my money, i want to make this plugin better, and share for public access, i think it will be many webmasters from russia, that may be interested in this addon.

PS. You have written a nice forum ) I have installed it two days ago and i'm very impressed ) Your framework is very interesting, your plugin system is very nice )
But sometimes i was missapointed with undescribed exceptions, some more work with exceptions isn't a bad idea, i think =)

PPS. Sorry for my poor english ) I offten read in English, not write ,) And i mostly read tech docs, not sci-fi ) So my English for just speaking is extremely pooor. (


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