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I pity the foo! Twitter logins getting foo.com email addresses.

apbarrattapbarratt New
edited June 2011 in Feedback
If someone signs up using Twitter, their email address is just made up with hard coded foo nonsense.

For instance: Mr T logs in using twitter name MrT. The email address for his profile is set to MrT@foo.com meaning that Mr T does not get an email when notifications should be sent.

I have used sites before that get around the lack of email address from a new Twitter login by simply asking the user, upon first login, to enter their email address. Could the same be done here?

I pity the foo who doesn't get their notifications and I pity the foo who owns the catch all email address for foo.com

Andy :P

p.s. if all else fails, at least change it to example.com which can't legally be registered for any purpose.


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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    We've already changed how this works and line 275 of class.twitter.plugin.php reflects that:
    $Form->SetFormValue('Email', GetValue('screen_name', $Profile).'@via.twitter.com');

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

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    apbarrattapbarratt New
    edited June 2011
    Awesome, is that now working in the new Beta as I was using the 17.10 when this happened but am now on the 18.b2

    UPDATE: Just tried signing in with a new Twitter account on Version 2.0.18b2, still comes up as foo.com

    The equivilent line on mine (line 273) reads:
    $Form->SetFormValue('Email', GetValue('screen_name', $Profile).'@foo.com');

    Will change it myself for now and assume it's in the next commit.

    Thanks for your help @Tim :)

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    lucluc ✭✭
    edited June 2011
    Modification was done prior to b2 (6th of june), as shows git blame:
    209ea2cc (Dave Stewart    2011-05-31 02:41:08 -0700 275)       $Form->SetFormValue('Email', GetValue('screen_name', $Profile).'@via.twitter.com');
    but it was not included in it. git checkout Vanilla_2.0.18b2, does not have the commit.

    It must have been merged on another branch, and merged back in unstable after b2 was out, as the pull request was pulled on the 3rd of june.
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    Looks like this change is active in these forums already. But how is it supposed to work? Can you send e-mail to name@via.twitter.com? It does not look that way: I just tried it out by logging on here with my Twitter account and I did not get a confirmation e-mail. Then I used Google and that worked instantly.

    Please fix this Twitter e-mail issue. As a workaround I have disabled Twitter logins for the time being, but I would like to reenable it.
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    I can confirm, as an admin, that email welcome messages to @via.twitter.com accounts bounce. I would really like a way for Twitter users to attach a valid email address to their account.

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