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File-name based arrays...

edited July 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
OK, so I am back on the Vanilla project, only this time on a professional level.

I am using Vanilla as a base for my employer's website. I am creating a photo gallery application based on the Addon application used here on the site. So far so good, though I have run into a snag on something that I have not seen done in vanilla as of yet.

I want to build a model that will allow for indexing of photos already in a certain directory, based on the contents of the file name.

I am using the pages plugin for direct results of my experiments. I have figured out how to display the photos in a certain directory, though I am having trouble breaking down the array of file names into a sub array for each file.

Here is what I have so far...

I'm probably making a newbie mistake, though I can't seem to figure it out.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

$ClassDir = PATH_ROOT.'/themes/MyTheme/design/images/namedfiles2009'; $PublicDir = '/website/themes/MyTheme/design/images/namedfiles2009'; /////////////////// function GetFilesInfo($Directory) { $Files = scandir($Directory); foreach ($Files as $FileName) { $Item['FileName'] = $FileName; $Item['Class'] = (substr($FileName, 0, 3)); $Item['ID'] = (substr($FileName, 3, 3)); $Item['Size'] = (substr($FileName, 6, 1)); if (strlen($FileName) > 11) { if (substr($FileName, 7, 1) != 'F') { $Item['Name'] = (substr($FileName, 9)); $Item['Frame'] = 0; } else { $Item['Name'] = (substr($FileName, 10)); $Item['Frame'] = 1; } } else { $Item['Name'] = NULL; $Item['Frame'] = 0; } $AllFiles[] = $Item; } return $AllFiles; } /////////////////// <div id="Custom"> <ul class="Gallery"> <?php GetFilesInfo($ClassDir); foreach($AllFiles as $Item){ if (substr($Item['FileName'], 0, 1) != '.') { if (substr($Item['FileName'], 6, 1) != 'L') { ?><li class ="Item Gallery Image"> <a href="<?php if ($Item['Name'] != NULL) { echo '/website/gallery/item' . DS . $Item['Name']; } else { echo '/website/gallery/item' . DS . $Item['FileName']; } ?>"> <img src="<?php echo $PublicDir . DS . $Item['FileName']; ?>" Class="Gallery Image"></img></a></li> </ul> <?php }}}?> </div>

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