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Contact Forum for Guests (& members) - utilising private message

edited July 2011 in Feedback
Would be good to have a contact form/type feature for guests to use (and even members) where you can send a private message which is sent utilising the vanilla forum inbuilt private message feature to the specified group - default should be all Admin(s).

There are guests that read my forum and blog that prefer not to become a member and contribute but simply read, and as such might want to send a private message to the admins.

my forum is integrated into my blog and I have used contact forms within wordpress but these don't track messages, i.e if someone sends a message it forwards to the admins Hotmail accounts and there is know way of knowing if that message has been replied to. if this was controlled within vanilla the private message discussion would be tracked/saved...if you get what i mean.


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    hyphyhyphy New
    edited July 2011
    If I understand this correctly, you'd like to have the ability for Guests to send e-mails to specific user groups (including administrators)? To be honest, that seems like an extremely specialized request that would most likely go undeveloped, as well as sounds like a feature destined for solely increasing spam.
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    If someone wants to send the forum/blog owners/admin a message they can and don't have to be a member. A plugin would be good to allow a guest to send a message to the ADMINS.
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    Couldn't this be accomplished with simply the addition of a linked e-mail address in the footer of every page, stating something like "Contact the Administration Team"?
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