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Register function

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I am developing a site that requires user input and therefore input must be extremely easy to enter. I have developed a registration system that allows bare-minimum username/password, up to a full profile (same categories as vanilla... thinking ahead). I've spent a few hours following the vanilla documentation and trying to walk through the code so I have a minimal, but possibly passable understanding of vanilla’s workings. My question is, is there any way to invoke vanilla's registration functions without creating, or at least displaying the vanilla registration page (apply.php)? I tried encapsulating the apply.php page inside a JavaScript function, which is how I display my forms, but ran into many syntax problems. Is it feasible to create a hidden ‘apply.php’ and pass the data entered in my forms to Vanilla’s then submit it through the Vanilla registration functionality? Secondly, is there anyway to just include a specific vanilla library that the apply.php form submits its data too, and just use those functions directly to process/submit the information to the database and send confirmation emails? If so could you point me to some file locations, I couldn’t seem to find any.


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    Assuming you're working through with v0.9.2.x, you're gonna be a bit out of luck. If you'd like to grab yourself a copy of 0.9.3 off the SVN you'll notice the entire user element of vanilla has been extracted and developed into a mini-app we like to call 'People'. This makes a) the integration of vanilla with other existing user systems and b) the integration of other existing user systems with vanilla a lot easier. How perfectly it'l fit your requests without some modding here and there i'm not 100% sure cause it's fresh out the oven but i recon if you grabbed one and had a look through your time would be spent much more profitably. Unfortunately as-yet there is no documentation for 0.9.3 as it's straining at the tethers to be released as version 1 (awaiting a markup upgrade). For the same reason it is also not advised to run 0.9.3 on a production forum. Even so, i would still strongly recommend you work with 0.9.3 in mind as opposed to 0.9.2.x If indeed you're already working with 0.9.3, then i apologise, i have nothing for you.
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    Thanks for the advice, I was working with v0.9.2.x. I'll set 0.9.3 up in parallel and see what I can work out. I'll post my results in a few days, I am sure other people are wondering the same thing. Also seeing as my site has not even reached closed beta yet, I should be able to wait for Vanilla to release the final update. Thanks again.
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    I belive for both Vanilla versions can use the UserManager::CreateUser method in Vanilla.User.Class.php (or People/People.UserManager.Class.php for 0.9.3); the only parameter you need to send it is an instance of the User class, and you can get the information for the class with the function User::GetPropertiesFromForm().
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