Please upgrade here. These earlier versions are no longer being updated and have security issues.

Vanilla Forums is buggy as hell especially the default theme!

I having noting but bugs it almost feels like Vanilla is an alpha product.



  • lucluc ✭✭
    Instead of ranting, be specific.

    It works fine here, and many people are using it without issues.
  • First issue if I'm logged or a new user out and go directly to -

    Submit a post noting happens

    Search does not work at all
  • lucluc ✭✭
    Well, you've got issue on your installation, because if logged in, a discussion should be created. And apparantly, it did work as there are 2 discussions already.

    About the search, it's related to the way mysql full text search works. Too few discussions/comments and nothing shows.
  • Yes it works fine if your logged in but when your not logged in it doesn't do anything at least it should tell a user that he needs to log in some kind of message.
  • I've been playing around with a new install and have no problems. I'm actually blown away by its elegance of design; it looks simple but has so much power behind it. I've even figured out how to theme it exactly the way I want, and am looking through the code to add new functionality. And today I'm connecting it to my Wordpress site. I think Vanilla (and Buddypress will be the other competitor) will be the de facto forum software once everyone figures out how powerful and seamless with social networking it is.
  • I really like I do I looked into everything from Tender Support, Zen Help desk to all the open source forums. But it does have issues you can view the site here I also did a custom design -

    Only think that I need know is a wiki or knowledge base
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