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Signature Mod

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
i d/l the signature extension but it won't work does anyone know which mod is needed additionally? thank you


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    lechlech Chicagoland
    I would then answer your question with not one, but two questions of my own: What version of Vanilla, and which Version of said extension? :)
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    The modification needed is in the extension file, in a comment right under Mod:
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    do you know what is the comment needed
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    The directions are in a comment, ie. between /* and */. Follow those and it will tell you what files to edit and how.
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    thank you sirnot! thank you!!!!! still i get this! can someone help me!? Fatal error: Class declarations may not be nested in /home/ybalabin/public_html/community/library/Vanilla.Comment.class.php on line 613
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    Dude this thread is half an hour old and was less than 10 slots down the main page, there's really no need to bump it.
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    NickENickE New
    edited February 2006
    Looks like you didn't modify the files correctly. Did you follow the following directions?
    [find in controls/comments.php]
    	$sReturn .= "</div>";
    $sReturn .= $PageList
    [replace first found line with]
    	$sReturn .= (strlen(isset($Comment->Settings['Signature']) ? $Comment->Settings['Signature'] : '') && defined('EXTENSION_SIGNATURE_ENABLED') ? ('<div class="Signature CommentTime" style="float: none; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 5px;">'.$Comment->Settings['Signature'].'</div>') : '')."</div>";
    [find in library/Vanilla.Comment.class.php, as well as in extensions/Whispers.php]
    	if ($this->AuthRoleIcon != "") $this->AuthIcon = $this->AuthRoleIcon;
    [add in the line above]
    	$this->Settings = UnserializeAssociativeArray(ForceString(@$DataSet['UserSettings'], ''));
    [find in those same files]
    	$s->AddWhere("m.DiscussionID", $DiscussionID, "=");
    	$s->AddOrderBy("DateCreated", "m", "asc");
    [add above]
    	if($this->Context->Session->User->Setting('AllowSignatures', 1) && defined('EXTENSION_SIGNATURE_ENABLED'))
    		$s->AddSelect('Settings', 'a', 'UserSettings');
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    Hold on, has the text changed in this thread or are my eyes going weird?
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    It has, I managed to make a really dumb mistake in the html formatter. I've fixed it but we're waiting for mark to update the site.
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    I'm sure it's better than anything I could've managed.
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    Sirnot thank you for answering my question and helping me put. unfortunately i tried it again as you told me (althouhg i didi the same things the first time) and this time whenever i try to enter a dicussion i get a totally blank page.... any ideas why this is happening? thank you
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    Coud you send me the files in question?
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    sure, where should i send them?
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    I added this extension, added the modifications and I still don't see my signatures showing up. Any advice?
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    Are you sure you edited the files correctly? Were you attempting to use it with version 0.9.3? And, as stupid as this may sound, did you actually enter anything for you signature?
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    I edited the files correctly, I'm using the, and yes, I put something in the signature field and the signature box is checkmarked in the Forum Preferences.
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    Odd... You wouldn't happen to be using a custom theme or something, that might be hiding the signatures, would you? I don't recall any previous problems with this extension that didn't involve incorrect editing...
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    Nope, using the vanilla theme. It maybe because I'm currently having trouble enabling the extensions from the Manage Extensions. I had to manually add the Signatures extension in the extensions.php file.
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