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How change tab name in profile?

This discussion is related to the AboutMe addon.
battersbatters New
edited July 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I cant change name of tab "aboutme" in profile, tryed add in Definition.php file this string $Definition['aboutme'] = 'About Me';
but name of tab dont changed and still called 'aboutme'


  • In 'default.php', around line 28, I did this:

    public function ProfileController_AddProfileTabs_handler(&$Sender) {
    $Sender->AddProfileTab('About Me', "/profile/aboutme/".$Sender->User->UserID."/".Gdn_Format::Url($Sender->User->Name), 'AboutMe', 'About Me');
  • ah, the very last 'About Me', on the third line down above, is the HTML that is displayed. I am not sure why I did not use translate there, perhaps it did not work. This is what you would have to change.
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