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[Solved] adding a link to the menu

shozen1shozen1 New
edited August 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
is it possible to add a link on the menu? I just want to add a link back to /index.php where my blog is located.


  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator
    Do you mean the menu with
    * All Discussions
    * My Bookmarks
    * My Discussions
    * Unanswered
    In that case I would look inside your entire vanilla source and find the text "All discussions", after that it would probably be in a template you can change. When you've found the text you can easily add a menu link in that same template.
  • I continue to be completely stumped by all your answers Underdog. You seem to assume I have some kind of 'knowledge' - programming related I guess...but I'm sorry I don't.

    However I can follow instructions if they are given to me in a non Jabberwocky way. Let me help YOU, help ME.

    When you refer to the 'vanilla source' code, where is it located in the install? and don't say it depends on your server settings etc...lets make it real easy, where is located in the downloadable zip 'Vanilla version' found here: =>>

    You then say 'it would probably be in a template you can change' - 'PROBABLY' doesnt leave me with much confidence and especially for something I can't locate due to lack of instructions. It's like giving someone directions to London but you just fling your hand in its general direction....
  • smoigecomsmoigecom New
    edited August 2011
    Look in the default_master.tpl (I use the EmbedFriendly theme so my default_master.tpl is located in themes/EmbedFriendly/views) for And just add stuff to it.

    "a non Jabberwocky way" - lol
  • Finally, a REAL answer to my question, in a non jabberwocky way!

    thank you smoigecom, you are a truly a king among men!
  • :) No problem. Glad to help.
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