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Page manager issue

edited February 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've enabled the Page Management extension on my forum (for the purpose of rearranging tabs), but it doesn't seem to be working. I would like to be able to make the "Categories" tab be the default or front tab, but if I move it to the top of the list in Page Manager, nothing happens. Am I missing something? I'm using the Vanilla Sky stylesheet.


  • There seems to be a bug with the page manager that some people keep encountering, and I really haven't the faintest idea why... The same thing might be happening to you (and if so then I'm afraid I can't help you a whole lot), but you might have gotten a wrong version or something. Are you using v1.5 of the extension with 0.9.2.x? Just to clarify, though, this extension dosn't have the ability to set 'default' tabs in the sense of overriding the information displayed per file accessed (eg. index.php = discussions, categories.php = categories, etc.), it only rearranges them and allows you to create custom pages.
  • Yes, i am using v1.5 with 0.9.2 (I'm wondering when 0.9.3 will release) I'm puzzled why I couldn't do what I want by rearranging the pages. Isn't the whole point of rearranging pages to control the order of the pages people see? i just want people to see the Categories page first thing when they sign in. Maybe I'm just an anal organizer, but it makes more sense to me.
  • The point of rearranging the pages is to change the order of the tabs on top, not to change which of those tabs is initially selected.
  • Chooseing which page is default is easier in 0.9.3 (i think?). And on the off chance you want to use categories because you're used to using them, just give discussions a go.
    If you have a perfectly valid reason then i'll let you off.
  • My reason being that I'm using the forum for a digital church community, and I'm using the categories for "discussion rooms". I would like the members to be able to decide what "discussion room" they would like to enter, rather than having to browse the Discussions page right off the bat. The categories are going to be the central structure for this site.....they need to be the first thing people obvserve when they enter the forum.
  • Fair enough. Well as i say i'm 99% sure that which page comes first is a config option in 0.9.3 (v1) (coming out..soon)
  • Hey! Can somebody send me PageManager extension? PageManager site does not exists and that's really important extension for me... Thanks!
  • PageManager is not working right now, but here it is
  • For me it works... Thanks for link.
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