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Just cause somethings looks "Web 2.0" doesn't mean it looks good

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Well I saw this on digg. A guide to building your very own Web 2.0 layout

Here's their finished product - linky

I think it looks "marginal" at best, but people are all over it saying what a cool tutorial it is. What do you guys think of this design?


  • "marginal" == "like utter shit"
  • those colours and that layout is so over done. I wish people would STOP coming out with the same old stuff (I am not saying it is all bad) and think of something new.
  • I just expected butterflies following my cursor on screen. Hopefully, there are those wonderful tags, soooo Web2.0 :)
  • Yeah, Flickr/ is the new geocities.
  • haha i found that quite funny. oh silly web 2.0 tune in next week for web 3.0 ZOMFGWTFIDKBBQ!
  • Surely Web 2.0 involves more Javascript and rounded corner action?
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited February 2006
    The end result of that tute is, fooking pure dead shockin, ken?
  • Aye, barry.
  • Since when did Web 2.0 become a way your site looks? I was under the impression it is the content that matters.. I guess those guys who made the tutorial proved me wrong :P
  • Get with the times Kosmo, it's all about how flashy your site looks. This is where Mark is going wrong, he's spent too much time making his products work and not enough time filling it with useless junk that people'll never use.

  • Wheee!
  • I think the site is a sarcastic commentary on the current trend for web design. I'm not sure it was meant as a serious suggestion of how to design a site!
  • I thought that at first but then had second thoughts.
  • it must be sarcastic, or am I overestimating the writer?! at least, I hope it's sarcastic, that look is not a good way to intentional design a web site, it is full of modern day clichés.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    web 1.5 at best. /me beats himself for even saying something like that.
  • It's most definately sarcastic.
  • was the part where he says "I'm teasing" that gave it away?
  • That too was sarcastic!

  • Oooo, it was a joke.

    hides in corner wearing troll cap
  • Heh-heh, nice mickey take.
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