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Displaying discussions in child categories when clicking parent category

edited September 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
(edit: I changed the title and clarified my question, they may have been confusing)

I chose some nested categories for my forum and posted some test messages in each category. I had expected to see all posts from all subcategories, when clicking on a parent category (i.e. all the child-category discussion), but nothing is shown:

1. local
- supermarket
- drugstore

2. regional
- police

3. national
- army

So when I post under "supermarket" and "drugstore", I get no dicussions results when I click on theparent category "local". Only when I specifically click "supermarket" as a category, do I see my post again.

If this is normal behaviour, then there is in fact no hierarchical relation between the categories (no parent-child), which would surprise me! (why make just a fancy visualisation, instead of a powerful tool).

So, is there a problem with my forum? And is there a way to correct this?

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!

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