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A suggestion for the theming documentation

ericcarlericcarl New
edited October 2011 in Feedback
I found the Ultimate Theme Guide for Designers documentation to be a pretty useful resource but I must say I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get to the HTML of any of the forum content that didn't exist inside the default.master.tpl file.

The ultimate theme guide does make note of the existence of Views but it only covers how to style them with CSS, and says nothing about modifying their HTML content. The only place I found that mentions modifying the views is buried in the similarly-named A Quick-Start Guide to Creating Themes for Vanilla documentation where it notes that the views are buried in the Applications/Vanilla folder and should be copied over to your theme folder for editing.

I think it would be incredibly helpful if the ultimate theme guide included this information so that people don't have to go hunting all over the place just to modify some HTML on their forum. I'd imagine this is the kind of thing anyone wanting to create a theme would need to do so I'm surprised its not made more obvious.


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    edited October 2011
    i agree
    i love vanilla and our forum has been using since 2007- but i definetly would love to see more detailed how to with some basics-
    -more info on what to open -in order to do some simple html/css alterting- folder tree maps that show where and which files to access and alter the dynamic css.html output

    i do know about the docs-and i have gotten lots out of them and the community- but some of it seems written assuming i already know where to place the specific functions being referenced-
    maybe someone (me! after i figure it all out)
    could create a simple few specific posts mapping out the common useful locations of files and,more importantly, where within said files you should/could add /apply vanilla functions -for dynamic css /html stuff.. Thankyou
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