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Moving topics/threads

I cannot seem to find any command that does what I want to do and I was wondering if I am just missing something or if there is a plug in that does what I am looking for.

I run a forum (currently phpbb3) and one of the most often used tools by my administration team is the ability to take a thread/discussion and move it to an archival forum that can only be accessed by the admin team (for reference). We do this for various reasons.

That being said, I don't see a native command nor can I seem to find a plugin that does this. I know you can auto-archive threads but that is not really the functionality I am look for. I want something, that at any given time, we can "move" a thread off of the main discussion forum and put it where ever we want to dump it.

Is this possible? Am I missing something?


  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
    Can't you edit the discussion and select a different category? As for mass-moving I don't think there is.
  • I use the "Sink" option for Archiving. Editing a discussion and moving it is manual labor, but doable. For Mass-Moving is no option yet, but wait till the Merge / Split plugin is available and Mass-Moving can be created.
    Overall you can just create a plugin that does these tasks.
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