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Vanilla 2.0.18 RC2 can't quote

This discussion is related to the Quotes addon.
i can't quote on Vanilla 2.0.18 RC2. Who have same my problem?


  • Sorry, i forgot tell some detail, i used cleditor plugin
  • camocamo New
    edited October 2011
    The 'AllowRawFormat' plugin prevents Quotes from working.
    I had both enabled, and when I read your post, I checked my quotes plugimn and found it wasnt working. I disabled 'AllowRawFormat' and its working again.
    This may not be your issue, but just a heads up.
    Earlier I reported A clash between 'AllowRawFormat' and CLEditor.
    It appears the ARF is buggy and needs rewriting. I will Add this find to the report on Github.

    If you are using ARF, I recommend enabling it ONLY temporarily in order to post something in raw format, then disable again after posting. You post created with ARF will remain when its disabled.

    Creavate: You must also disable CLEditor in order for ARF to work.
  • Still cant quote....

    Have ARF off and CLEeditor off as creates the quote, kind of...but the rest of the post is still in "quotes"

    it's not really functional from my forum is sitting.
  • ok, i updated to the latest version and that fixed it...groovy
  • i cant quote either, if i click the button it just doesnt do anything. i am running the current vanilla version with its standard editor

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