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Proper image directory for theme developing?

edited October 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I have started to develop my own site's theme and decided to look for some .psd menus. Anyway, after finding and downloading the one that pleased my needs, I ran to a problem of images showing red crosses when uploaded to my site. I'm just a beginner in this stuff, so instead of using the {} marks to indicate links, I used normal http links made with slice tool in Photoshop. I'm not sure did I already screw up in this, but there is more to come.
After saving the document I copied the generated code to my default.master.tpl file between

<div class="Banner"> </div>

I think that this is the right place to put the code, but since my menu is already generated at file called web-elements.html, I wonder could I just refer to it with some sort of code? Anyway to make sure I copied everything from the web-elements.html to my default.master.tpl file. The file automatically sorted all needed pictures to /themes/*myTheme*/views/images

I really doubt that this is the right place to have them plus when I uploaded them to my remote server it did not show up properly. I have also tried to place them to /themes/*myTheme*/design/images but its still showing the same red crosses on my site. I have also tried to put them on the /dashboard sub-folder, but I think that those are just referred to dashboard stuff plus it did not work either.

Any help?

Sorry if this doesnt belong to this category.

EDIT: The menu starts with <table id="Table_01" and so on.


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    edited October 2011
    Now my server is giving 500 Internal Errors when I try to locate the image file. Though, my themes folder is blocked by robots.txt, but that should not affect anyhow, should it?

    Confirmed, the server gives 500 errors to other places, like categories too, time to move on another hoster?

    EDIT: I have to admit, this support board is amazing, every time I ask something, it gets fixed. Solution were that dreamweaver had made a brain fart by locating the images to the server root, where they really wasnt. After cutting the images to right destination the menu shows up right.

    You may close this now.
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Generally we put theme images in /themes/*your_theme*/design/images

    This makes it easy to access those images with CSS, which should be in /themes/*your_theme*/design/

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

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    Thanks, now that the image is showing up, any idea could it be the .css which tears the image? As hard as it seems, the image is made of little parts which are not showing up together properly. Bit confusing.
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    Are you developing your theme on a local computer (localhost) or on a website? Can we either see the website url or a screenshot of the problem.
    Prepare to post relevant CSS styles of the problem.

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    Developing on localhost computer.
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    If you're making a design with tabs, like you're trying on that internet address then try to search on google how to make a proper tabs design with CSS. At the moment you are making that tabs based design with tables. Every table cell is given a "rowspan" of 6 and I don't even think the real problem is that you've given the cells a rowspan of 6.
    You can better use a WYSIWYG HTML editor, for example DreamWeaver to accomplish what you want (if you do not want to search for a proper tabs based design with CSS)

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    Thanks, but I would really like to use my psd menu. Havent figured out how to work with it. :/ Maybe someone could help me.
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