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Dynamic Posts displayed outside of forum

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Ok I have doen this before, using RSS. But seemed very hefty at the time using this method. Plus isnt quite as dynamic as we had wanted.

So my question is this: Ours is quite specific, but I am sure many users would find a use for such a script.. perhaps one exists.

Brief: display posts externally, based on TAG.

Yep, my method may seem unorthodox, my lets say we set up a sql query to fire a request to the dB based on an external forum pages TAG or TAGS value, and lets say we said to the dB "Hey Mr MySQL go and fetch me forum threads with this tag, do it quickly and return 3 maximum"

The scenario: we are crearing the forums in readyness for the launch of our Real Estate Portal, and we will be indexing perhaps some 100,000+ pages dynamically, and from within our own db(s)
Predominantly for us, our users search by geo-criteria, so we have already sent to the custom page all geo-related-requests. So we know our "TAGS" .

My question is, surely it would be quite easy and not to much of a burden on the server to "on page request" also fetch the TAG data from the forums, if none exist then fine.. but if they do then spew them out... truncated of course.

But instead of returning the TAG and TAG Numeric ( count ) return upto 3 forum posts containing that TAG

Our setup is: Search Page , where users types their criteria , we take that info .. which contains tag information or the like, fire it at the server and return results page.. that is dynamically based on user terms.

So whats your thoughts, this could be extended to a whole host of different scenarios, and isnt just limited to our particular usage.

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    Why recreate much of the functionality that is already in Garden? You have api and many options. That would suit your needs just call your ajax, etc, you can extend where necessary.

    grep is your friend.

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