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is there a extention or any way to incorportate a torrent tracket into vanilla?


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Not currently. But I've been thinking about it lately.

    What kind of features would you be looking for?
  • i've always wanted a tracker that would let you put torrents into an rss feed.
  • since vanilla has the community thing going for it, users could be able to: attache .torrent files to their posts, and have the DB keep track and allow access to the file, and keep track of whos seeding and what not..... i would love to help with this if i can.
  • Would be cool.
  • A tracker would be great! But I think most usefull feature would be to allow an rss feed of all torrents, with # of files, seed, and leechers. Just to allow a seperate page to be viewable on your site.
  • I was thinking the rss feed could be used to subscribe to certain channels and have new torrents auto download just like podcasts but with torrents. Big podcasters could then seriously cut down on their bandwidth costs [and i'm sure arrrh! some people would find other uses for it as well arhhh!]
  • i've been looking for a good tracker just for my users of my vanilla board. i can't write these plugins, but i'd love to see a tracker. here's what i had in mind - A "Torrents" tab - 4 Columns: Filename, seeders, leechers, filesize - File data (description, etc)
  • couldnt one use a modified version of Dojo Files Just change some of the columns?
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    Not really, Mr Do, as a BitTorrent tracker is not the same as plain index. Tracker is a server coordinating communication between peers. I'd ideally run a small private tracker inside my forum. This means torrent -sharing happens only between forum members. DHT torrents can work without tracker, but are only useful for public forums as they cannot be private.

    Tracker part of this would eat server very much and hence should be light/minimal for optimal setup.

    I agree with Diffusios idea about own tab for torrents, where users could upload, search and browse torrents. RSS feed would be nice, too.

    Here are two php-mysql-based trackers for a kick-start. PHPBTTracker+ and TorrentBits source. Later is quite messy, so I'd check phpbttracker first.

    I'm a tool when it comes to coding Vanilla things, otherwise I'd created this already :)
    Keep on rocking..

    - just my 0.2
  • I would like to resurrect this topic. I would like to see a plugin developed to turn vanilla into a torrent tracker site.
  • any takers on making a plugin for torrents...
  • again I'm just going to bump this thread back to the front page in the hope that some of the clever people here are looking for a project over the christmas holidays :)
  • I am with you. I really would like to see a plugin made for this. I can see real potential with it!
  • What exactly are we asking for here?
    A way to submit links to Torrents?
  • I would like to be able to use it as a torrent tracker as well as a forum. If that is possible.
  • Can't you just list the trackers in a specific category?

    I s'pose there's more to it than this but every "tracker" I have seen is simply a list of links.
  • I got this discription from Wikipedia... But I would like to use it as a private tracker... If it is at all possible... Trackers and Indexers A tracker should be differentiated from a BitTorrent index by the fact that it does not necessarily list files that are being tracked. A BitTorrent index is a list of .torrent files (usually including descriptions and other information). Trackers merely coordinate communication between peers attempting to download the payload of the torrents. Many BitTorrent websites act as both tracker and index. Sites such as these publicize the tracker's URL and allow users to upload torrents to the index with the tracker's URL embedded in them, providing all the features necessary to initiate a download. Private trackers A private tracker is a tracker which restricts who can use it, often by requiring registration of a user account. Private trackers usually register how much the users upload and download and may enforce a minimum upload-to-download ratio. As a result their torrents usually offer better availability and speed compared to public trackers where leeching is more common. Many private trackers are now implementing Passkeys in the torrent file, which gives each user a specific address to contact in order to get a list of peers. This helps to prevent unauthorized distribution of torrent files from private trackers.
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