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pimp vanilla up!

I really like the look and feel of vanilla. Just having seen it yesterday already makes me an addict to your its beautifull look and feel. But we must admit that it misses something. That something is, according to me, a blog. Integrate it in a blog! A blog exists of lots of news, rss feeds and ... comments. I think that the way blogs integrate comments mostley sucks. Comments is for communicating but for some or other reason that works better on a forum. Combine/make a blog with vanilla and we have a new way of communicating. Ok, Why don't you make it? I'm not a programmer, I'm just getting started in designing and I've got a load of ideas. But programming makes il dottore a dull boy. greetings


  • Well you are one lucky person there, since Mark has been twiddling with his own blog called Swell and I guess that Vanilla will integrate to it seamlessly (atleast the login works in both the Nilla and Swell).
  • You know what else Vanilla needs? Sticky threads.
  • Swell is at in case anyone missed it :-D
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    Yup! Here's it in action: EDIT: Oops serves me right for sitting on this page and getting something to eat ;)
  • Quickdraw McStripe beat ya to it I'm afraid.
  • I'm the king of all!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You know what else Vanilla needs? Sticky threads.

    Huh? It already has that...
  • That was sarcasm.
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    We need a new tag like [sticky] and [sink] called [sarcasm] :D Oh and GoogleTalk like bolded and colored smilies (graphic smilies are evil, EVIL I TELLS YOU!)
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    Oh and GoogleTalk like bolded and colored smilies (graphic smilies are evil, EVIL I TELLS YOU!)

    I was thinking about that just the other day, I think it wil become "web 2.0" standards... MWHAHAHA.. umm, sorry.. :)
  • i cant wait til swell gets released (rocks back and forth, patiently waiting)
  • my god. the action goes fast these days .. I can hardly follow ... or I have to many interests which could also be the problem anyway thanks for the info. I think I won't be posting much anymore. because well ... I haven't anything to say for the moment considirng vanilla ... it's already what I want it is :-)
  • I'm looking forward to a bit of swell action too.
    Also looking forward to doing a theme for Vanilla. I've taken the step of writing my ideas down so I don't forget them. Nothing amazing but hopefully will work nicely :)
  • /* runs to catch up */
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