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Problems with, Firefox 8

This discussion is related to the timely addon.
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I just updated my forums to What I realized was that the category view changed. It now looks like the discussion view. Is that an intentionally change in 18.1? Can I go back to the old view? If not, this is a minor problem.

Second thing is that only forums can run on this theme when i chose it before the update. I tried to activate it later but I just keep getting the following message:

The addon could not be enabled because it generated a fatal error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class TimelyThemeHooks in /vanilla/themes/timely/class.timelythemehooks.php on line 3

I also updated to Firefox 8. With the new version, the title of the forum now is not on the left side anymore but almost in the middle, over the menu, which is a problem. Is that a theme issue or a Firefox problem? Other browsers (Mac: Safari, Chrome) are fine.

I would like to hear from everybody, who is using this beautiful theme. Thank you all for your tips! :)


  • Changing to the default theme and back to timely seems to be ok - no TimelyThemeHooks error anymore.
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    Talked to some Firefox guys. The error seems to be Firefox 8 and 10 only. All other browsers are fine...
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