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How to change default start page?

edited December 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I want to know if it's possible to change the default start page of a Vanilla forum. I want my users to be directed to the Categories page by default. Any help?


  • I'm certain this has been asked before. I don't recall the answer, but some searching should come up with an answer.
  • Should I bump my question once more?
  • You could try swapping index.php with categories.php in both root and controls dirs, I think that's what another did.
  • Good idea, but I need to make sure that the tabs will be labeled correctly. I will check this right now... By the way, how come this forum uses subfolders (/categories/ instead of categories.php) while mine is not?
  • It's a mod_rewrite feature that was brought in by 0.9.3
  • LauLau
    edited February 2006
    WHAT A MESS...
    • In root directory, I renamed index.php "discussions.php"
    • In root directory, I renamed categories.php "index.php"
    • In controls directory, I renamed index.php "discussions.php"
    • In controls directory, I renamed categories.php "index.php"
    • In init_internal.php from appg directory, I changed ./ for "discussions.php" and categories.php for "./"
    • I tweaked the Whispers.php extension
    Everything was fine except that when I clicked on a category, it forward me back on the root (you know... "/?CategoryID=1"). So I gave up, it seems like an hardcore tweak to do something that appears so simple...

    Fortunately, I was able to get back to my original configuration. Wouldn't it be sweet if that option was implemented in future releases of Vanilla?
  • I've a feeling it is, isnt it?
  • so did anyone ever figure out how to do this. I really need this done. Can it be done by an extention if it can i will make it and post it up if someone helps me.
  • how do i change the directy, i seen people say chage settings.php in appg but that has no info,(it all like put this here) whitch settngs.php should i edit?
  • how do i change the directy, i seen people say chage settings.php in appg but that has no info,(it all like put this here) whitch settngs.php should i edit?
  • Dont change anything in appg/settings.php. If you need to make changes there copy the lines you wish to change into conf/settings.php and then change them. However i dont think doing anything in there will help you achieve what you want here...
  • ok i chanced it about 8 minutes ago because i did not get a respnse, lol, but i changed the stuff in conf/settings.php i forgot to change some of it and got tons of errors i went back fixed it but then i lost my theme and my tab pages from page maager. i went to setting by typeing in settings.php manually and then clicked page manger and got my links back. then i went themes and reaapplyed my cstom style and all is perfect!!!!! lets this be a guide to others.
  • haha. I cant follow that for the life of me but i'm glad it's working for you.
  • yea i am really tired its midinight here and i am tired and i just started my essay for german 1 lol i gotta get up @ 5:30 i am gonna be tiredd!! lol
  • Wow, it's been a while but I am still interesting in finding a better a simplier way to do so. I wasn't using Vanilla 2 at the time, so when I did install it two months ago, I didn't change it back the way it was before (being redirected to the Categories page by default).
  • Interesting question - is there an easier way to do this?
  • it wasnt hard, just edit about 5 values in the settings.php
  • So is there an easy way to have Categories as the start page or not? I think this would be really useful for a lot of people. Step by step explanation would be most welcome!
  • If you are runing a *nix server you can add to your .htacess file: DirectoryIndex categories.php
    Seems to work without problem on my test environment.
  • Unfortunately this doesn't work... :( If you try and browse to a category - for example:, it defaults to categories.php not discussions.php...
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