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Decent mailing list?

I need a php mailing list that i can install today in less than an hour that i can integrate with my existing site. Can anyone give me a link?


  • What does mark use for the front page?
  • I have a news system set up on my site that generates an RSS2 xml file. Anyone know of a mailing list that would just replicate that xml file and send when updated?
  • I hear mark doesn't use a mailing list, just magic.
  • Mark uses fairytale wishes and unicorn dreams.
  • Mark uses his minions.
  • HAHAHA!!11 ...but seriously, phplist is good.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That is just an email harvesting script that I wrote a long time ago. I've had plans to make a whole administrative side to that, and I've got the specs all finished and sitting here on my desk, but I haven't had time to even pick them up for months.
  • If you don't mind something commercial (better quality than any of the free solutions I've seen) then check out At least try the free trial before you give up on it. Its pretty snazzy.
  • Anyone know any solutions to what I was lookin for?
  • Fahrenheit, not to keep pimping it, but check out that solution. You can send out emails based on a URL. I think you could probably tweak it to work like you want too.
  • PHPlist is too complex. I want something easy to set up where users opt in and recieve a confirmation email. Their name goes into a database, i can then send an email to everyone on that list. They can later unsubscribe. This seems like it should be more doable.
  • Matt, you'll probably like Dada Mail, then.
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    I ended up writing one myself. I imported my sql class and my mail class and it was pretty straight forward. I'm getting scared- my deadline is today, and i haven't even finished my CMS yet...
  • Care to share?
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    i aint finished it yet- it allows for users to add their names- but i aint written the bit that send the mail. I'll post it to when i can be bothered writing it up :P) Edit: link will be
  • I use phplist. I agree it's too much, but it's fairly simple to re theme the user areas so it doesn't look like out of the box software, and the messages get through wich is always a plus when it comes to mailing list scritps.
  • I'm looking at a simple mailing list.. I don't need much, something similar to how Vanilla is to Forums.
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