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Disabling Vanilla Built in Resizing

edited November 2011 in Feedback
Since vanilla did add their own version of resizing that conflicts with this I figured I should tell people how to disable it since I've had many people contact me privately to ask.

Until vanilla either makes their built in version disableable or Move it to a plugin
all users of this plugin will have to go into the global.js in the js directory of their vanilla root and remove the image resizing functions that are located at the end of the file by hand.


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    @Gillingham : I did just as you suggested — the image is resized, and when I click on it, it's enlarged. But when I click on it, it's not resizing back to its smaller state. How can I fix this?

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    Can you give me some more specifics on browser versions etc.

    If your browser has a javascript debug log can you try doing that process again with the debug log open and seeing if there are any errors/warnings.

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    edited March 2012

    @Gillingham : Oops! Sorry about the false alarm. It seems to be working. I don't understand why it didn't last night. And thanks for stopping by to help. :)

    And oh, by the way, I replaced the JS responsible for image resizing in global.js (at the end of the file) with the javascript of your plugin, and voila! It's working too. Thanks for the useful contribution to the community.

    And if I may ask... why didn't you make the JS resize and unresize when the image when the image itself is clicked? Why the text above the image?

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    Mainly because then that would break the linking of images, which is my most common use case.

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    Oh, right. Good thinking there.

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    md82md82 New
    edited November 2012

    Hi, is there a way I could have the images resize, but open in a new tab rather then going full size inside of the window? I ask this because I'm embedding my forum in another webpage that has limited width.

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