Modification du fichier default.php dans le plugin GettingStarted

This discussion is related to the French Locale - Traduction française addon.
ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
edited November 2011 in Feedback

Modifiez les lignes 44 à 77 par :

$WelcomeMessage = ''
            .Anchor('×', '/dashboard/plugin/dismissgettingstarted/'.$Session->TransientKey(), 'Dismiss')
   ."".T('Here\'s how to get started:').""
         '.Anchor(T('Welcome to your Dashboard'), 'settings').'
         '.T('This is the administrative dashboard for your new community. Check out the configuration options to the left: from here you can configure how your community works. Only users in the "Administrator" role can see this part of your community.').'
         '.Anchor(T("Where is your Community Forum?"), '/').'
         '.T('Access your community forum by clicking the "Visit Site" link on the top-left of this page, or by ').Anchor(T('clicking here'), '/').T('. The community forum is what all of your users & customers will see when they visit ').T(Anchor(Gdn::Request()->Url('/', TRUE), Gdn::Request()->Url('/', TRUE)).'.').'
         '.Anchor(T('Organize your Categories'), 'vanilla/settings/managecategories').'
         '.T('Discussion categories are used to help your users organize their discussions in a way that is meaningful for your community.').'
         '.Anchor(T('Customize your Public Profile'), 'profile').'
         '.T('Everyone who signs up for your community gets a public profile page where they can upload a picture of themselves, manage their profile settings, and track cool things going on in the community.').T(' You should ').Anchor(T('customize your profile now'), 'profile').T('.').'
         '.Anchor(T('Start your First Discussion'), 'post/discussion').'
         '.T('Get the ball rolling in your community by ')
         .Anchor(T('starting your first discussion'), 'post/discussion').T(' now.').'
         '.Anchor(T('Manage your Plugins'), 'settings/plugins').'
         '.T('Change the way your community works with plugins. We\'ve bundled popular plugins with the software, and there are more available online.').'
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