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ETA on 1.0?

edited February 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Just wondering if there is any sort of ETA on the release of Vanilla 1.0. From what I can read things change drastically from 0.9.2.x to 0.9.3, so I have to weigh the value of hacking away at 0.9.2 if everything is going to change shortly anyway. Please tell me Vanilla isn't going to shoot for that Web 2.0 status of perpetual beta. It's too good not to get stable soon!!


  • Read around, more than enough threads around with the answer. To save you the time, the answer is approximately "when it's done"
  • When Swell is released, it'll be a few months before that.
  • Yeah, these guys have it covered with their how long's a piece of string theories. What you have to remember about vanilla (as opposed to say some of the google software) is that it's in a [possibly extended] beta form because it's being worked on by one superhuman as opposed to a massive team of developers.
    I'd go so far as to say that since mark's been implementing the theme changes, which is all he wanted to do before release (i believe), i'd expect it to be coming relatively soon - that is, soon enough to not bother putting too much effort in with 0.9.2 - and just to sit tight in the meantime. Just be glad you came along towards the end of development, some of us have been waiting years :P
  • Isn't it time for this to be an FAQ, i mean, it is frequently asked...
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited February 2006
    Order Of Operations: 1. Vanilla 1 2. Vanilla Documentation 3. AddOn Manager for community 4. FAQ I'd like to have the first three finished *before* I launch Vanilla 1. #4 will come afterwards. I'm actually getting help from a good friend who is amazing at xhtml and css and we're working out the kinks in the new xhtml and css. I don't know how long this process is going to take because my friend is very busy (like me). Regardless, when that is done Vanilla will need another week or two of testing from you guys before I say it's finished and ready to go. That time will be spent finding style glitches, and shouldn't involve any heavy code changes since the code is very stable right now.
  • Mark i think when he said it should be an faq he didnt want a whole list. But seriously anyone who reads more than about 1 discussion on the forum should have worked out we dont do release schedules here.
    *sends some bitchez round marks way with coke.
  • Coke as in Coca Cola, man you're the man!
  • By "documentation" do you mean "user manual" or "code documentation"
  • I'd suggest its a combination of the two like the existing documentation?
  • Well the latter would take way longer, which is why i was wondering.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Not code documentation. My plan for the code is to eventually write a code parser that automatically generates the code documentation from the comments in the code and the code itself. But that comes way after Vanilla 1 is launched. I just want to have a basic user's manual (using a lot of what's already written in the wiki) and have some more general purpose information about writing extensions (Also loosely based on what's in the docs now).
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